Since 2000 we have been raising funds for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.

Our one important goal is to help save the lives of critically ill children in Ireland, now and for generations to come.

Everyday parents place their trust in our amazing doctors and nurses to make their brave little ones better. We work with the hospital to make sure every child gets the future they deserve. It is only with the help of our wonderful supporters that we are able to buy state of the art equipment, fund research and put life back into tired old wards.

So far we are very proud to say, the Temple Street Foundation has successfully raised €50 million to help tackle this. However, our struggle is ongoing. Many of our sickest kids depend on machines donated by you to stay alive. So we urge you; please keep helping us help them.

You can be a real life hero to babies and children in Temple Street by clicking on FundraiseVolunteer or Donate. You don’t need to be a doctor to save a life.

The Hospital

Temple Street Hospital
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital was established in 1872.

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, originally founded in 1872, is an acute paediatric hospital which cares for approximately 145,000 children per year from across the country. With a staff of 95 consultants and over 950 others (comprising of nursing, paramedical and support staff) it delivers excellent care. Over 55,000 of the 145,000 children who attend Temple Street every year, attend our Emergency Department every year, making it one of the busiest in Europe.

Hospital Overview


Bringing our best together under one roof

The new children’s hospital is the largest, most complex and significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland. It is the catalyst that will enhance how acute health services are delivered and will result in better clinical outcomes for children and young people.

When the hospital is built will bring together into one entity the three existing children’s hospitals; Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, and the National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght Hospital. Many of the current facilities in the existing children’s hospitals are old and make it difficult to support the delivery of modern healthcare. The new hospital will provide the infrastructure to support better clinical outcomes for children and young people.

It will be tri-located on one campus with St James’s Hospital and a planned maternity hospital. By merging three children’s hospitals into one, all the paediatric specialists will be working under one roof. This means that children who are very sick, in particular, those who have complicated health issues, can be treated without having to go to different hospitals.

However, between now and when the new children’s hospital is built, hundreds of thousands of children will pass through our doors and the hospital must continue to provide superior healthcare during this time.

We will continue to fundraise to upgrade our facilities and purchase life-saving equipment. The equipment that is still up-to-date and functional when it’s time to move will be taken to the new site which means the support you give today will still be helping Ireland’s sick children for many years to come.

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